Many independent auto dealers nationwide have discovered how helpful it can be to work with partners who offer specialized forms of support. Being able to provide financing at the point of sale thanks to a relationship with a lender can allow a dealer to finalize far more transactions than would otherwise be possible.

Indirect lenders like Consumer Portfolio Services are often ready to help in other ways as well. The services they provide to the independent dealerships that work with them can make doing business in a competitive industry a lot easier.

An Increasingly Common Problem for Small, Independent Dealers

Car buyers today inevitably have many options before them, and the situation is not always one that favors independent dealers. Many shoppers now spend a majority of their time online, and it is often larger dealerships associated with particular manufacturers that do the best job of attracting their attention.

That has left some independent dealers struggling with the realities that come from operating at relatively modest scales. In some cases, it can even seem as the situation could never possibly improve given the resources large dealers have at their disposal.

Lenders Dedicated to Helping Dealers Succeed

That does not always have to be the case, however. Many independent dealers have already discovered how forming relationships with indirect, specialized lenders can allow them to stand out in their local markets. In some cases, those same connections will enable access to additional tools that make a difference, like:

  • Direct mail programs. While there are many ways to market a dealership, direct mail is still one of the most powerful. Thanks to their scale and reach, lenders are often well positioned to cultivate mailing lists full of qualified, motivated leads. Some of these lenders go the extra mile and invite their dealer partners to sign up for direct mail marketing programs that take care of all the related details.
  • Lead generation. In other cases, lenders will simply offer to furnish leads directly to the dealerships they work with. As a lender will benefit every time a dealer makes a sale that includes its financing, this can pay off for all the involved parties.

Taking advantage of opportunities like these can allow a small dealership to compete capably against larger ones. That will often be excellent news for independent dealers who could use a bit of support.