Signs That Suggest One Has ADHD

Attention deficit or hyperactive disorder is a condition that is quite difficult to diagnose and ascertain you have it or not. When one is aware of having the disease it becomes easier to adapt to ways that can make life easy for them. Usually the patients are restless, easily agitated, tend to forget quickly among other signs which result from this disorder. To know whether one is sick or not, some tests and questions can be given and your answers will give conclusions.

It is not usual for normal people to react efficiently when they face emergency situations like a fire or other crisis. People with this disorder are known to be quick and effective to handle crisis and emergency by making maximum use of adrenaline produced then. Another way to know you do not have it is if no one from your family has ever been diagnosed with the disorder previously.

In most cases the disease is genetically transmitted and as such if other family members have it they can pass it onto their children.The disorder is known to make patients feel as if they are not living to their full potential or think they are underachieving. Many patients with this disorder are not known to finish their tasks within the given time but rather they late on task completion. When someone asks you what you just said and you are able to remember instantly it is not likely that you have the disorder.

The patients can put something in a specific place and shortly after forget completely about the location of the item. It is not likely that one is having the disorder if they can be able to give attention or listen to others and not interrupt them. If a person is usually neat and maintains their things in order, they are likely to be normal and do not have this disorder.

Being time conscious and having a good sense of direction is a sign that you are not likely to have the disorder. Patients are really sensitive and this makes them avoid intense scenes or places with loud music and congested events. When something small happens and one does not overreact, it is rare that they have this disorder.

Unlike normal people, patients of the disorder can sleep quite normally even after taking a lot of energizing foods and drinks. People having the disorder tend to create long lists of things they plan to do due to being hyperactive. Having this disorder does not mean you are disabled or sick and should not cause one to be worried that much.

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