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Going From Are We There Yet To Taking The Wheel Teaching Your Teen How To Deal With Disaster On The Road

Many times with children, it seems like time flies by. In no time at all kids go From Are We There Yet To Taking The Wheel Teaching Your Teen How To Deal With Disaster On The Road. There is no doubt, getting a driver’s license is a big milestone for every teenager. While the dangers of teen driving can be alarming, this isn’t a reason to completely take away the teen’s independence. By simply following a few simple tips, a parent can relax.

Training for Driving Success

In order to establish good habits, choose a reputable driving school. Driving behind the wheel training is mandatory before a teen receives a license. It is worth the cost of hiring an instructor for lessons. They not only are up to date on the latest traffic laws, they also have a great understanding of the dangers that come with teen driving. They …

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, bankruptcy claims determine how consumers will settle their debts. The chapters provide unique methods for eliminating debts through either a new payment plan or liquidation. A local attorney can provide answers for consumers who want to file chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What Debts are Settled Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Common debts that lead consumers to file for bankruptcy include overdue tax payments, the prospect of foreclosure, and overdue auto loan payments. However, consumers with high volumes of debt could utilize the chapter to restructure their payment plans and make them more affordable.

What are the Major Differences Between Chapter 13 and 7?

Chapter 13 offers a structured payment plan that could last up to five years depending on the court’s determination. Chapter 7 is a method of selling assets to pay off debts within six months. The automatic stay lasts far longer in chapter 13 than in chapter 7. …

Fighting a Possessions Charge With a Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer

An arrest for possession of drugs can lead to a lengthy sentence if the person is convicted. It could also have a significant impact on the person’s future. If a person is arrested and charged with possession of any drugs, they will want to make sure they speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible. This could help them avoid a conviction or a lengthy jail sentence.

Possible Defenses for a Drug Possession Charge

There are numerous defenses to a drug possession charge, each of which will be considered by the lawyer based on their relevance to the case and the chance the defense will be successful. Some of the possible defenses can include the following.

  • Improper Search – The police have to follow regulations when they stop and search a person. If this is not done properly, the evidence found during the search may not be admissible in court.