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Important Information to Help You Select the Best Celtic Jewelry

There is a rich history and tradition associated with the country of Ireland. The country’s landscape has a certain magical attraction for people, a heritage that is full of cultural and traditional symbolism as well as folklore and legend tales. Celtic people usually do their best to preserve and celebrate their traditions wherever they are. This has also attracted other people to research on as well as celebrate their culture. Jewelry plays a very significant role as far as the Irish tradition and symbolism is concerned. Apart from just being used to enhance beauty, Irish jewelry is used as symbols. The ornaments used have a religious significance to them as well. Therefore, when you buy and put on a piece of Celtic jewelry, you are doing as much to honor their faith and religious beliefs, whether you are one of them or not. Below are outlined some of the most commonly available pieces of Irish ornaments.

The Shamrock Pendant
The traditional Ireland is symbolized by the shamrock. It is in the form of a triad since the Irish regard the number three as a magical number. During the introduction of and the conversion of Ireland to Christianity, Saint Patrick made use of the shamrock to introduce the doctrine of Trinity to the Celts. Nowadays, the shamrock pendant usually is presented and inlaid with diamonds. It is worm by the Irish to show their love and patriotism towards their motherland.

The Celtic Cross Pendant
This pendant is designed as a cross with rings, and it is overlaid with an excellent design of knots or laces interwoven onto it. You are sure to find them mostly around Irish church yards, even though they have changed shape and symbolism since the time of the Druids. The Celtic cross pendants of today are carefully crafted by hand and adorned with emeralds and other precious jewels so as to be visually attractive.

The Trinity Knot Pendant
This pendant has three points and it has a deep spiritual significance. Its symbolism is drawn from Christianity, with the three points standing for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit respectively. It crafted nowadays using white or yellow gold and, if a cheaper option is preferred, silver as well. The emerald design is the most liked type of the trinity knot pendant due to its resemblance to the Emerald Isle because of its deep green color.

The Cross Pendant of Saint Bridget
The cross is a symbol for the legend of Saint Bridget who is honored for her kindness and compassion shown to the poor. The Saint Bridget’s cross of today is handmade with excellent craftsmanship. It is worn to show that the wearer is willing to love humanity and God as well.

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